• wills north devon, probate legal north devon, wills north cornwall, probate legal north cornwall
    wills north devon, probate legal north devon, wills north cornwall, probate legal north cornwall

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wills north devon, probate legal north devon, wills north cornwall, probate legal north cornwall

Wills at Home Services

Wills, Probate and personal legal services in North & West Devon and North Cornwall


Power of Attorney

Property Trusts


Why choose us?…

You can write your Will in your own handwriting on an ordinary piece of paper or you can buy a kit from a stationer. You can complete a questionnaire with an online Will company or you can instruct a large legal services company or a solicitor to write it for you.

The main reason that a Will written by yourself is likely to be invalid is that it will not be witnessed correctly. Also, do you know how much detail to include and the problems that incorrect punctuation can make?

Some online services just provide simple questionnaires and, perhaps, the question you should ask yourself here is. Can the person or system writing your Will know your feelings if you haven’t talked face to face?

Sometimes, the role of the person representing a legal service company is only to take details which are then passed to someone else to actually write your Will. In this case, isn’t there a danger that the person writing the Will may not know what you really want?

The most common way of having a will written is to instruct a solicitor who will produce an accurate record of your wishes. However, do you have the time to make two visits to their office during working hours and can you afford to take, what may possibly be, the most expensive option?


A clear pricing structure, See Fees…

Appointments held in the comfort of your home.

We do not charge an hourly rate.

Evening appointments are available.

There is no VAT charge, See Fees…

All document wording is clearly explained.

Wills At Home will not be appointed as executors or attorneys.

Your arrangements are reviewed annually without charge.

Your documents will be personally delivered.

There is no charge for document storage.

Care and respect…

Most importantly, you will be treated with respect and without any pretence that your case is complicated so that the bill will be increased. You will not be made to feel inferior or uncomfortable if, as is normal, your knowledge of legal matters is not at a professional standard. There is no need to take time off work or sit in a waiting room until someone has time to see you. Appointments can be made at a time that suits you and in the comfort of your own home where you will feel at ease and able to explain your wishes and concerns in detail. Everything will be explained to you in plain English and you will be told what your choices are and what the “jargon” means. Also, if you are not completely satisfied with the small details of your Will, all necessary alterations will be made until you are.

wills north devon, probate legal north devon, wills north cornwall, probate legal north cornwall

Downloadable PDF Documents…

Wills at Home have created leaflets for the full range of services provided. The aim is to explain each subject with sufficient clear information in order that you can make an informed choice regarding any need for action. Simply click on the appropriate icon to view or print the leaflet. Should you require any further information, please email or telephone, or even text. (you may also find the glossary of terms helpful).
Clicking any of the links below will enable you to view and download the leaflet in PDF format…

Make a Will

An introduction to protecting your family and your wishes

Property Trust

An introduction to protecting your home from care home fees and from a future step-parent of your children.

Appoint an Attorney

An introduction to protecting your property and financial affairs and your health and welfare should you lose mental capacity.

Obtain Probate

An introduction to the legalities of dealing with the estate of a deceased person.

Glossary of Terms

An explanation of the main terms used in Wills and Probate.

Advance Decision

An introduction to recording your wishes should you become seriously ill.

Funeral Plans

An introduction to Safe Hands Funeral Plans

Our Fees

There is no need for your concern regarding the final bill for any of the services. Wills at Home offer a very clear and competitive pricing structure so you will know exactly the cost of any services before work commences.